Chrono-Shredder I – IV

The machine as performer.
Chrono-Shredder (2007-2014, various iterations) celebrates remorse for the lost moment. It is a poetic machine with functions similar to those of a calendar and a clock: The device continuously shreds every single day, minute after minute, hour after hour. A pulse is given every 3 minutes, after 24 hours a complete day has been destroyed. Continuously, the tattered remains of the past pile up under the device as time passes by.

Exhibitions | selection

Galerie Souterrain, Berlin (2013) / CAFA Art Museum, Beijing (2013) / Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg (2012) / La Triennale di Milano (2011) / MARTa Herford (2011) / Felix Ringel Galerie/garage, Düsseldorf (2010)

Book publications

The Art of Calendar Design. Sandu Publishing, Guangzhou (2014) / Creative Calendars. Links international/Basheer Books, HongKong (2011) / Les objets fous de l’art. Éditions Hoëbeke, Paris (2011) / SAVE 7HE DATE. Victionary Publishers, Hongkong (2011) / Papercraft 2. Die Gestalten Publishers, Berlin (2011)

Mixed media: powder coated metal, motor and gears, sensor, electronic control, microcontroller, paper, shredding unit. Dimensions: app. h 46 cm x w 30 cm x d 20 cm / 10kg. (110/240V).