Artistic Research


Over the past years, my artistic research has been focussed on investigating extensions of the human senses and the role of the physical body in relation to technology-driven environments. My interest was to narrate about novel ways to overcome the boundaries between bodies, minds and technology. Thereby, I have asked whether our natural bodies which basically remain unchanged since prehistoric times are fit for today’s challenges of survival under unnatural living conditions. All these projects share A) a utilitarian approach, taking into consideration findings in psychology, behavioural biology, neuroscience and haptics, B) an exploration of their poetic qualities and C) an undeniable degree of wild speculation.

The artefacts and images resulting from this research have to be understood as vehicles to carry a narration about the cultural imaginaries in which these anticipated technologies have become reality. These explorations live two lives: as artworks, they appear in exhibitions and as conference papers, they have been presented to academic audiences.


Related publications

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