Automated Anchoring Armour

Device & photography

Automated Anchoring Armour (AAA) holds a promise of continuous psychological intervention. The treatment is worn as physical armour on the body. Thus the skin becomes an interface to mental well-being. When a biosensor on the palm receives a signal of increased stress, the mechanism comes into action: A tap is repeatedly given to the forearm and thus aims to trigger a positive memory linked to this physical sensation. Its exaggerated physical shape amplifies the notion of a protective equipment.

— Material & dimensions —

Device > mixed media (acrylic case, leather, copper, velcro, micro-controller, electronic components, battery pack)  22 x 21 x 17 cm

Photography > Lambda-print on Fuji Crystal DP II30 x 40 cm

— Conference paper & publication —

Hertrich, S., Autmated Anchoring Armour. Devices That Alter Perception in conjunction with ISMAR 2010, October 13th 2010, Seoul, South Korea.

Devices That Alter Perception 2010, Reader, Create Space Intl. (2011), ISBN 1463664249


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