Time machine

 (2007–2015, iterations I-IV)

»Chrono-Shredder« is a poetic time machine that reminds us of the momentariness of our life time. Every single day is slowly shredded as time passes by. All that time that is irreversibly lost, receives a tangible presence in the form of shredded paper. As the minutes tick by, the tattered remains of the past pile up under the device. One day is shredded within 24 hours. A shredding pulse is activated very 3 minutes. The device auto-synchronizes at midnight each day. Once started, the Chrono-Shredder automatically and continously shreds the days as time goes by.

— Material & dimensions —

Mixed media: powder coated steel, motor and gears, sensor, electronic control, paper, shredding unit. Dimensions: app. h 46 cm x w 30 cm x d 20 cm / 10kg. (110/240V).

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