Photo series

 (2015 /2016 and ongoing)

»Interspecies « is a photographic exploration that started in 2015 and is still ongoing. The photos are inspired by classical painted portraits but the faces shown differ from what we define as normal.

The young woman in “Interspecies I”  has a nose that resembles that of an animal named the star-nosed mole (condylura cristata). In “Interspecies II” a young man seems to have barbels on his chin, similar to sense orgasn known from various species of fish (e. g. catfish, the carp, the goatfish, hagfish, sturgeons etc.). 

The photos have been created using analogue methods (mask making and model making techniques) in combination with digital post-productions. They are printed on Fuji Crystal Archive matte in 60 x 90 cm, framed.

— Acknowledgements —

The mask for Interspecies was created with the help of Yasue Ago, a skilled model maker from Kyoto who has been working for Miwa Yanagi, among others.


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