See yourself sensing

Madeline Schwartzman “Susanna Hetrich”

(…) Are instincts a thing of the past? It used to be that we relied on them for survival. However with the help of technology we have managed to create a highly industrialised environment that grants our survival without the need to rely on our instincts. In fact we no longer have a clear sense what endangers us. Statistics show that we are misguided in our fears. We worry about terrorism when the chances of encountering are slim, and we are unconcerned with other facts — that cars represent an enormous threat. (…)

Time to get our instincts back into shape. To do this, Susanna Hertrich has created a series of conditioning devices – prosthetics for a lost natural instinct – that consists of controlled machines that stimulate the body. (…)

published in

See Yourself Sensing. Redefining Human Perception, Madeline Schwartzman, Black Dog Publishing, London, 2011

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