Sculpture & photography

 (2009 – 10)

This work reflects on man-machine-symbiosis, inspired by current trends to develop robotic technologies that cater for intimate human needs.

»The everyday takes place in seemingly impartial spatial and temporal structures, yet these evolve into something strange when they are broken. This principle becomes apparent in Susanna Hertrich’s Robot, a futuristic object made from Polystyrene. Its smooth and gleaming surface conjures up imagery of rocks from outer space. In opposition to the general expectation, this robot lacks any functionality. Its sole intention is to serve as projection area for its respective user. This rather operational art resembles scientific experiments, in which the viewer, or better, the user is proband and investigator at the same time.«
Zylvia A. Auerbach, 2010

— Materials & dimensions —

Sculpture: polystyrene, black paint / dimensions: app. 28 cm x 18 cm x 70 cm.
Photography: C-print on alubond with acrylic coating / dimensions: 120 cm x 80 cm.

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