Sensorium of Animals

Artistic research project


Collaborative artistic research project with Shintaro Miyazaki. The project is situated at the Institute of Experimental Design- and Media Cultures at Basel Academy of Art & Design FHNW, Switzerland. The project is funded by a grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNFS) for three years. 

Sensorium of Animals is inspired by the sensorial ecology and biology of the elephant-nosed fish. This species is capable of electrolocation and -reception, sensorial abilities which allow these fish to sense their electromagnetic environment. The sensorial ecology of the elephant-nosed fish here operates as a vehicle, which allows intertwining the world of animals and its non-human sensorium with seemingly immaterial non-human worlds of signal-based information technologies. Sensorium of Animals operates as a conceptual device that embraces the complexity of our knowledge about the protected designs of our critical digital infrastructures.

SNFS No. 159 849

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